Phish 1990's Kick Drumhead (Black w/Phish logo's ) Signed by PHISH
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Phish 1990's Kick Drumhead (Black w/Phish logo's ) Signed by PHISH

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The lucky winner will receive the Phish Kick Drum Head signed by all members of Phish. Truly a collectors item.

This is what Jon Fishman says about the head.

"This head was on the Eames 20" kick drum for a long time, but by the time it was put on the Eames kit it was retired from the stage. The head was then incorporated into my rehearsal kit. From 1990-1993 or so on stage I used a front head with a white trimmed hole in the middle and small Phish logos side by side above the hole. After that got a crack in it. I believe we mocked up this one (on the auction) with a neater tape job and the stickers on top and bottom, but we decided to stick with the side by side sticker look. This head remained on the practice kit as a backup kick drum in case the one on stage needed to be replaced quickly."

Going along with the humor of the band, the signatures (in silver) are done in the opposite direction of the stickers.

Also please note the shipping price assumes the shipment will be within the United States. If shipping outside the US we hope you understand that we will have to adjust based on the actual shipping cost.

Donated by Phish
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